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GRITTAL® Applications Chart

GRITTAL® Applications Chart
ApplicationTypical Media Size(s)Media Being Replaced
Surface preparation prior to powder, teflon, porcelain, ceramic coating, painting, metalizing, rubber, polyurethene or metallic bonding, etc G 20 - G 50 Aluminum oxide, starblast, garnet and similar mineral grit medias
Removal of heat treatment scale or release agents on forgings, castings, etc G 20 - G 60
Ceramic removal and final finish for investment castings G 30 - G 40
"Brush" blasting on galvanized steel G 20 - G 40
Cleaning of contaminated components to decrease waste disposal G 30 - G 50
Surface preparation in a wet environment, i.e. ship building G 40 - G 50 Mild steel grit
Engraving of granite and surface texturizing of granite and pre-stressed concrete G 20 - G 40 Aluminum oxide, stoneblast, alumina zirconia
Removal of weldment bluing and surface finishing on stainless steel fabrications (blended with CHRONITAL) Approx
80% S 10 and 20% G 10
Glass beads

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