VULKAN Blast Shot

Abrasive Technology

GRITTAL® Advantages

Blast Media Cost Savings:

  • 50-85% savings due to less consumption

Stable blasting operation:

  • slow abrasive breakdown
  • consistent surface finish or roughness profile
  • work mix easy to maintain

Dust Free:

  • lower disposal cost (very important if contaminated)
  • improved workplace environment
  • vastly improved visibility in blast room 
  • shorter blast times and less rework
  • less wear and tear

Additional Cost Savings:

  • at least 50% savings related to lower nozzle, hose and filter consumption
  • reduced downtime/cost related to maintenance of blast system wear components
  • lower dust disposal cost

Non-Ferrous Media & Corrosion Resistant in use:

  • bright surface finish
  • suitable for use in slurry blast systems

Suitable for use in Centrifugal Wheel Machines:

  • lowest per unit blasting cost and high performance

Potential for Dust Recycling:

  • recover a small amount of the media cost

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